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American Black Walnut Bar

Three seat American Black Walnut Bar with bronze castors and a handmade tile surface.

My client was looking for a mobile serving area for a new family room. The brief was for a three seater mobile bar that could be moved to any location for party’s or socialising. The bar needed to incorporate its own storage and also a hardwearing surface where knocks or accidental spillages would go unnoticed. My design uses American Back Walnut as the clients preference and one of my favourites in a 180 cm bar with two slatted shelves on the side of the sever. The rectangles of the central spine were intended to mirror the Crittall windows the bar stands in front of, the bar surface is made up of handmade Moroccan tiles. The piece is finished in Rubio Pure with an applied ceramic top coat keeping any moisture off the surface of the wood.

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